Punished For Email Hoard

(warning: extremely geeky)

So I never ever delete any email from Outlook. For a disorganized person like me I feel its safest just to never empty the recycling bin. I use email to file stuff and keep organized. Like for the Beatlie Boys contest when dudes would send stuff in I'd just keep it in email in some folder. I don't keep contacts but when want to find an email address I just go into my Sent file. I keep all my sents and never clean that either. I don't delete. Too paranoid. And with plenty of hard drive space... why should I?

I've always been the guy at work who gets the warning from IT saying I have too much email stored on the server. IT guys always seemed to get pissed at people at me who refuse to delete email. Once when I worked at bn.com, some IT guys sent around an email listing the biggest email storage offenders at work. It was a global email and I was in the top ten. I still remember that email as being particularly tattletaley- but that's an example of how upset some IT guys get about email hoarding on servers I guess.  (Taking up space for their gaming and warez I guess.)

But now that I 'work' from home and have plenty of harddrive space I dig not having to worry about deleting email. I just keep everything. I like that.

Anyway, my computer crashed last week and I've been trying to import my old .pst file from my crashed computer to my laptop (The .pst is basically all your email everything in one big file). When I dug into my old hard drive to try and retrieve it I found out all my email added up to almost 3GB! Yeah I know that's alot but I figure whatever. I like the safety of never deleting. I dragged the whole 3GB deal onto my laptop and dropped it.

Anyway again, I kept trying to import this .pst to outlook and I kept getting weird errors. Like its corrupted or something. Finally I start googling around for the exact error I'm getting and I learn that Microsoft put a maximum import limit of 2GB on .pst files! WTF?! Apparently once you go over 2GB then things get kooky and unimportable. I found out I had to download this program (described as a 'fix') which goes into the old .pst and deletes enough crap to make this file small enough to be imported. It just deletes whatever all willy nilly. (an email nightmare)

So I run this program and it whittles down my 3GB .pst to some 'acceptable' size and I finally get to import my email into Outlook. Fine. But when I get in there and start looking around I find out that this dumbass program went about deleting all my most recent email opposed to deleting the old crap. Like it just took everything off the top instead of from the bottom. That's like going to clean out your fridge because its too packed and starting by throwing out the milk you just bought! Why not the old chinese food in the back?!

So here's the thing. Why the f**k should Microsoft give a f**k how much f**kin email I want to keep on my hard drive? What difference should it make if I want 10GB? 100GB of email? Isn't that my business? And why should it be so prickish by deleting the most recent emails to clear space with their crap 'fix'?

I have come to the conclusion that this 2GB restriction and assholish fix was developed by one particular MS geek who had a real axe to grind against email hoarders. Someone mental and obsessed with people being responsible and clean in their email. Someone who gets some sadistic satisfaction out of punishing hoarders like me! That's what I think! And if it's true! FU MS GEEK DEVELOPER!

And also hey Microsoft! Keep your anal mitts out of my email irresponsibility! If I want to keep a 3GB email .pst it shouldn't be any of your friggin business! You rich dicks! Gmail is calling me more and more, baby! Soon you guys are gonna get email dusted I hope! And you deserve it for shithead decisions like a 2GB max pst! Pst stands for 'pissed' now!

ok bye!


http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=329910 <<<there's info bout stuff if you want it.