Sleep Cleaner

So last night I was sleeping and all of a sudden I woke up around 3:30AM all blurry headed with one voice in my head loud and clear. It was saying, This place is filthy! Clean up! You must vacuum! You must get laundry together! You must clean bathroom! You must do dishes! You will get out of bed and do these things now! Get up! Do now! You will do this now!

So I got out of bed like I just took a direct order and between like 3:30-4:30AM I was running around here cleaning up everything. I let Roscoe out of the kitchen to watch me clean. He gave me weird tilted head wtf looks the whole time. I vacuumed (including a few moths) (no one lives downstairs btw). I scrubbed the toilet. I cleaned off the table. Put things away. Got my pile of laundry together. Did all the dishes. Cleaned crap out of the fridge. Got everything off the floor. I went through the whole place in the middle of the night like a mental cleaning taz. The whole time I was half-out of it because it was that middle of the night otherworldlyness. After everything was sparkling I went back to bed and passed out right away.

When I woke up, I walked across my apartment to make coffay and I looked around my place and saw how clean it was. For a second or two I didn't remember cleaning at all.  I just remember it being all messed up and stuff when I went to bed. I looked around my place and got weirded out. It was like waking up in a place I didn't expect to wake up in. Did some neatfreak burglar climb in the window clean up and leave? That would be a cool burglar I guess. Sort of. I guess he wouldn't be a burglar at all. He'd be more of a mess thief of sorts I guess. Or something... Then the clouds lifted and I remembered how I did the cleaning.

Needless to say the whole experience left me with a shaky whisper of 'You're going crazy, eh?'... but if the type of crazy I have makes me clean my apartment in the middle of the night... I guess I can live with that particular brand.

ok bye!