Car Stoled Story

So years ago my brother was graduating from grad school up in Boston and I headed on up there to check it out. I was probably about 23 years old, working at a bookstore, living at home, and driving around in a 5 year old Honda CRX (which was the best car ever. 80,000 miles and it never not started or broke. incredible car.) Anyway, I get up to Boston, park the car on the street, unlock the hatch with the keys and get a present for my brother out of the back. I left the rest of my stuff in the car and headed up to my brother's apartment.

I'm in my brother's place for like 10 minutes when I start pocket patting myself down for my car keys. WTF? I start looking around his apartment but knew I didn't put them down anywhere. I just got there. But they weren't on me. Then all of a sudden I get one of these swoop camera memory flashes like in the movies. My memory vision flew out his window, down the side of the building, across the street, and zoomed in on the trunk ...where my keys were dangling on a bright orange keychain. It was the only place they could be. F**K! I left them hanging out of the trunk!

I ran down the stairs to the street and immediately saw an empty parking space. I knew it was mine. I looked at the meter. It had 2 hours and 45 minutes left on it. F**k! I couldn't believe it! My most awesome coolio Honda supercar was gone! It happened so fast too! Doh! My parents came along and we called the cops. I felt like such a flunky dope. I was only in Boston for like 15 minutes and I caused a whole situation.

A cop showed up and asked me what happened.. He asked me if I locked the car and if I had the keys (I wasn't sure if I should tell the cop that I left the keys hanging out of the trunk. I had no idea how the insurance company would react so I lied to the cop.) I told him I had the keys. I told him it was locked. The cop was like, 'So you park an old Honda on the street... for ten minutes.... and someone... breaks into it... hotwires it... and steals it.... that's your story?' I was like, 'Ummm... I say... Yes?'

Anyway, here I was in Boston to see my older brother graduating from grad school and within 15 minutes his younger dopier brother shows up, has his car stolen,  and lies to a cops face. Also I left my suitcase in the trunk so I had no clothes or stuff or whatever which was a hassle because I was there for the weekend.

To make a long story short I was really sad about losing my car and my clothes (my favorite hat and jeans were in there too). It sucked. I started sadly looking at used cars when I got a call from the Boston Police. They found the car! Apparently some homeless guy stole it and was basically living in it for like a week. My supercar was loaded with cigarette butts and Atlantic City brochures and McDonalds trash and urine smell.

So I went back up to Boston, got my car, cleaned it out as best I could, and drove it home with the windows down because of the pee smell apologizing to my supercar and slapping my palm to my forehead for being a dope the whole way home...

The End.

ok bye!