AOL Instant Messenger is Dumb

So since I got my new computer I downloaded AOL IM just for whatever. I try to stay off instant messenger because its a bad distraction and I'm convinced it's the worst form of communication. Misunderstandings. Miscommunications. Miss Piggy. Mister Mister. But whatever with all that. The reason why AOL IM is stupid is because of what I just went through. It's hard to describe so I took some screenshots.

All I wanted to do is control how much noise this stupid IM program makes. Like the annoying bloops and bleeps when people send messages or sign on and sign off or whatever. This is really geeky and I can't believe I went through all this but it's so fruckin annoying I couldn't help it. It's been bothering me for years.

Ok the first step. Edit options. Fine.

Edit preferences brings up this.

Look at all these dopey checkbox options on this section! Why are these like a priority? The top checkbox is where it can be "docked"? Dim buddies is second? What? Why?

Anyway, I click on the button that says 'Sounds' and it brings up this:

Ok fine. But this section does not shut off all the sounds. It's just for like Sign On and Sign Off. To control sounds while chatting you gotta click on IM/Chat/Mobile on the left and it brings up this mess.

Here we have two buttons to control the sounds. If I click on the first one it takes me to this:

That's kind of a mess and why isn't it a part of the first page button that says 'Sounds'??? Dumb! Then when I click on the second button I get this.

A new screen just for 'Chat Room Sounds'? Was it so hard to just combine all these sounds settings to one section, you AOL lazy stupids? What's with the different screens and confusing checkboxes and sections and crap!

AOL IM has been this way for years. And every time I reinstall this crap program, I have to dig into this terrible interface just to stop sounds that annoy the hell out of me in the first place! And as you navigate through this crapmobile of an interface there's even more hidden places for other sounds!

Also click on any of those options on the left and they lead straight into some other super stupid confusing mess.

What's with AOL? They come out with new versions of this program all the time but the 'improvements' are only stuff like installing spyware or allowing the ads to play annoying videos. When's the last time they added a new emoticon? When's the last time they did something cool with this program? When's the last time someone over there looked at this mess?! Clean it up AOL and maybe you'll start to get some new customers!

Well I say FU AOL Instant Messenger for being a crap program (even though it's free and maybe I shouldn't be complaining). And yes, I know there's other IMs like Yahoo or MSN or whatever and maybe I'll head over there.

But I'm really trying to stay of IM-- because it's a bad distraction.... and the worst form of communication.

ok bye!


PS. Jeez alot of people wrote in with real hatred for AOL IM. Someone sent me a link to this thing which is kinda a cool alt.