Update In General

So sorry if I've been a little quiet here for a bit. I've sort of felt kind of exhausted for the past couple of weeks. To be honest, I can't believe how much time having a puppy actually takes up. I'm crazy about Roscoe and we get along really well and he's totally fun so it makes things alot easier-- but it is definitely work. Also it's been a little rough because I've had super bad allergies for the past week or so --and I got really concerned I was allergic to Roscoe. But now that pollen season is passing the allergies seem to be clearing up too. I'm almost positive it was all the pollen which was apparently super bad this season. So phew... and Achoo.

Anyway, today was Roscoe's first day outside (he got his 2nd round of shots) and it was a big relief.  He was really cool about being on the leash and meeting other dogs. But for whatever reason he didn't like turning corners on the street, so we kind of just went back and forth back and forth up on my block. It's very very good that we are getting outside because I think we were getting to be like the Odd Couple in here and I'm not sure who is who? Am I Felix? I'm scrubbing carpets like Felix.

I'm also busy all day trying also trying to quiet the questions in my head.. like, 'Is he's eating wires? Is he pooping in the corner? Is he gonna pop out the screen and jump out the window? What was that noise? Is he happy here? Why did he give me that look? Do we play enough? Why does he fetch sometimes but not other times? Why didn't he eat breakfast? Did he intentionally poop on my tangled bunch of computer wires under my desk? (which was the worst possible place in the world for him to poop) What's he looking at? Why does the monkey make him crazy? Why does he remember he's papertrained one day and the next he totally forgets? Am I giving him too many treats? Is he mental? What kind of punishment is right? Should I let him on the furniture? What about fleas? When's the vet appointment? Why'd he just make that weird cough noise? Why is he running around like a maniac? Did he just growl at me? Why does he only want to chew on the things that aren't his? How often do I need to brush him? What kind of collar does he need? And on and on....

So I'm figuring it out. He's a good guy and I'm friggin happy he's here. He's my friend. It's also sort of interesting because for the first time in a long time I have to actually schedule my time around something. Usually I like sit here and do whatever whenever. Now I have to like block out time to do stuff which isn't easy for a slacker like me. I know I'm way behind in getting site stuff done and I am doing my bestest to get it all up and running as soon as my head will allow. So stay tuned. I'm also working on a couple freelance pieces for tv to keep the lights on so I'll letcha know when they're gonna be on too.

Anyway, Sunday 11-12 is puppy playtime down the street at the doggie day care center so he's gonna get to socializing and all that. He's psyched for that even though he has no idea about it. And for the most part all is well over here (so glad the allergies are getting better). It's just a bit hectic outside and inside. I'm making adjustments to my non-schedule and trying to get back to being kinda productive again. Tis been a bumpy first half of the year but I feel things are smoothing out now.

Thanks to all for visiting and reading and writing and helping and sending letters and hanging in with me and everything else.

Bestest of good vibes to y'all,

tOdd (and rOscoe)