ALERT: American Idol Scam!

American Idol are a bunch of dicks and Cingular Wireless are a bunch of dicks too!

Here's the deal! Today I was trying to decipher my Cingular Wireless bill (which is practically illegible as far as bills go) and figure out why it's so high. I'm looking over this and that when I noticed this section that was $15 frickin dollars! So, I called Cingular to figure out why the hell I got a $15.00 smack in the wireless data section of my bill. While on hold I saw something gross...

(Ok, this is a little embarrassing to admit... but I text voted for American Idol this month. Only once! For Vonzell. Once! Yes I know it's sort of sad to think about me a "grown man" sitting in my underwear with some pizza and poking away at my little cellphone to vote for an Idol. But I did ok! Let's just drop it!)

Anyway, this is what I done seen! Look at this!

See my one American Idol vote on the top line? Ten cents. Fine. But down below there's that 'American Idol - Peer Incoming'. Apparently by voting that one time I was automatically signed up to receive text messages from Idol. Fine. But lookee lookee! Bastards! EACH time they texted me this month with an incoming message it cost ME 30 frickin cents! To receive THEIR PROMOTION! When I asked Cingular how I can shut this off and they weren't really sure. They acted like it was the first time they heard about this. They told me try texting back 'Unsubscribe' to see if that works but they weren't sure.

What kind of bullshit scam is that?! Thirty cents? Not even standard ten cents! Thirty! I vote for Vonzell and I get smacked back with $1.20 for their 4 dopey text messages that I never even read! Like that show doesn't make enough friggin monay that they need my $1.20!? Plus they charge 3x what it shouldn't be in the first place!

So F Queenbee Seacrest! F Cockface Simon! F friggin Wanghound Paula! F other anonymous Simon who runs things! Screw all of them! And Cingular wirelesss should be ashamed of themselves! Shame! $1.20 to receive promotional messages?! Puke!

So text voter BEWARE! There is a big scam going on here! See it?! SEE IT!

ok bye!


PS. Let's not talk about the fact that I PAID FOR a couple ringtones and was ungenerously charged $10.80 extra for the privilege to use their bandwidth and actually download the ringtones that I BOUGHT to my phone! And nice verbage on the last line too! WRLSS  INTRNT XPRS!? Fuck your spelling crap! Dicks!  I spit in your face Cingular! And I spit in your face too Ryan Seacrest! With extra phlegm!