Pictures for the Week

So some mystery guy in my neighborhood has been going around tracing shadows with chalk. So I took a bunch of pictures of that and there's some randoms thrown in here too. Here they be:

Lamp post shadow shift.

This is an outline of the bent signs I took pictures of a while ago here. Word.

Flipside of the Stop sign.

How much is that creepy in the window?... The one with the zombily stare.... How much is the creepy in the window?.... I do think this dolly does scare...

It would be cool if this bike got stolen soon after the tracing and then the owner comes back and is like wtf...

This fire escape looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Hollywood walk of fame. Brooklyn style.


There's lots of scaffolding all over the city and it uglies up sidewalk restaurants and stuff.

This restaurant (which is right next door to the one above it) worked up the scaffolding coolio I think. I bet the other restaurant wants to do something cool with their scaffold now too but they don't want to be copy cats and are acting like they don't even notice that this restaurant took them to the hoop on the scaffold situation.

Shadow me on shadow trace.

I inverted one of these in photoshop and it came out coolio. So there.

ok bye!


PS. One more invert...