Locked Out with Hammer

Hi Ya'll-

So I just got in from being locked out.

The desk from Overkill Design was delivered today (this desk rocks. BUY stuff from these guys if you can. they're excellent.). The guy who delivered it helped me out cause it weighed like a ton. We decided to get it out of the crate on the stoop and carry it up the steps. Although it was 'curbside delivery' the guy was totally helpful in pulling the nails out and all that. I gave him a tip after he helped me get it into my apartment. Then I went downstairs to put the crate out on the curb and pull out the rest of the nails that were sticking out or whatever.

I stepped outside in t-shirt, shorts and flipflops with a hammer in my hand and I heard the frontdoor click shut behind me. I knew what that click meant. I buzzed the two other apartments in my building and no one was around. I had no wallet no monay no nothing. Totally nothing to do and no where to go.

So I walked down the street to the Monster Mutt which is this doggie day care center and asked if I could use their phone. They were real nice and I told them I was looking for a dog and whatever and they gave me the card of the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition. So I'm gonna check into that. It's cool that there is doggie day care on my street. They were totally nice there and they gave me little chocolate easter eggs to eat. I called my landlord but he wasn't around so I was basically screwed.

I walked up to the locksmith and asked how much it would cost to pick the lock. He told me $65+ tax. Plus he said cause it was a Medeco lock that they might have to break the cylinder. So I forgot that.

I was considering walking around for a bit more but in flipflops it's not fun to go too far. Plus I was this guy who hasn't shaved in like 5 days walking around in flipflops wearing dirty t-shirt and carrying a hammer. I think I was scaring the kids a little.

Then I went into Bagel World and took some of their old newspapers that people leave behind and sat on my stoop and waited. In the paper there was this article that I thought was funny about these pigeons that ride the subway. It was in a new Large Print tabloid type section. I liked reading the large print. Here's the article.

After a couple hours my landlord came walking up the street and he let me in. That was cool.  Now I'm going to go put together my desk. Few screws here. Few screws there. Done and done. 

ok bye!


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