Hermit Crabs (Day 2)

Yesterday I went to the pet store and bought myself two hermit crabs. I threw on my ripped sweatpant shorts and a t-shirt and my flip-flops and headed to the pet store around 10:30AM. The pet store didn't open till 11:00 so I just hung out outside until the guy came and opened up. As he was unlocking the storefront protecto-gate I told him I wanted a hermit crab. He gave me a look like, 'Jeez.. this guy really wants a frickin hermit crab.' 

I got a tank, rocks, and hermit crab cakes and pointed to the crab I wanted. But when the guy went to get it, the crab was holding onto the rock and wouldn't let go. He (she?) seemed to be like hanging out with a hermit crab friend on the rock. The crab gave this sort of look like 'can you see were in the middle of something here?' I told the pet store guy to take the whole rock with the two of em on it. It seemed nicer to have two in the tank anyway.

I walked back to my place with the tank in my hands and thought to myself on the way back, 'Did I just buy two hermit crabs? To have as pets? I have hermit crabs now? They're gonna live with me? I'm gonna feed them hermit crab cakes? I'm gonna change the water and poke at them and stuff? Is that what I just did?'

I realized it was. I put a little water in the tank and put the tank on my kitchen table. There they were.. sitting there. Hermit crabs. Hermiting. I put some hermit crab cakes in and they didn't seem to notice. I poked at them a little and moved them around a bit. I talked to them while I did this. I felt a little silly about the whole thing. Then I went out for the day.

When I got back to the apartment I had completely forgotten about the crabs but when I walked in the door I was excited. I remembered! My hermit crabs! I went up to the tank and asked them what they've been up to. 'Not much' they didn't have to say. We had a little chit-chat and then I put a golf ball in the tank and a scallop shell. They seem to like it fine. 

But today I woke up and what do I see on the floor of my hermit crab tank? A hermit crab leg! One of the bigger legs! I'm hoping this is normal somehow but it didn't seem so normal. Did they get in fight? Do they shed legs? I'm gonna go to the pet store later and ask about it. Maybe they have a crab prosthetics or something for him. I like my hermit crabs.

They need names- so vote. It ends Saturday and it's close.

ok bye!