Col-lage from the Gar-bage

So last night I was walking Roscoe around waiting for him too poop. (Humiliating for him and for me.) Roscoe started sniffing around by a street trashcan. The can was filled to the top and overflowing. People started putting their garbage around the can. I was looking at the garbage and I saw a two button eyes staring up at me from under some trash. I moved the trash aside and found a box of collages. Collages of people.

I started looking through them and felt bad that they were in the trash. Not sure if they were made by kids or some collage maniac or whatever but I felt like some of them were sort of interesting. How'd they get to a street corner trashcan? So I gathered them up and brought them home. I took a look at them in the light and I guess some of them were ok or whatever. Sort of fun to look at. When I was done looking at them I wasn't sure what to do with em so I took pictures of some of em.

Here they are:

Like for all I know about art I think couple of these could be on some museum wall and I'd think they were good. The other half... not so much. But what do I know. Not much. Or maybe alot. Who knows. Not me. Which makes me lean toward the former.

Anyway, recently I realized I've been taking too much stuff off the street and bringing it into my apartment. Right now I have one table from the street. One chair. One other chair from a tag sale. Random books. Junky computer parts that I think I might want. So it's time to start clearing out my place. I plan to have a tag sale in about month.

Anyway, after salvaging these collages from being doomed forever in the trash...  the question is what am I supposed to do with em now? Ummm....
Throw them in the trash?

ok bye!


PS. Speaking of picking stuff up off the street a friend of mine came out with this book. It's really fun and good. This is just a coincidental promo. Not a setup or nuttin. She acknowledged me in the credits and everything which was coolio. Tis a good book if yer into making stuff out of stuff you find and stuff.

PPS. Here's a Roscoe pic too. That's him with monkey.