Crazy Speed Walker

Crazy speed walker
Today I saw thee
Wiggling top speed
And sweating weird glee

Your arms were flailing
Straight up and straight back
Your butt had gone wild
Any grace you did lack

Something about the strut
Was not like the rest
Your limbs were maxed out
Your look? Barely dressed.

You seemed way too focused
Yourself you were flogging
If you wanna go faster
Why not try jogging?

Eyes bugging out
And body too thin
If this race was over
Most crazy you'd win

Why so intense?
What is it you're stalking?
What's so important?
You're just out there walking!

I guess you're in shape
In prime perfect health
But it was your brand of nuts
That wasn't so stealth

You were not the one driving
Someone else had the wheel
You were in the backseat
Heel to toe, Toe to heel

I wish you the best
But try and relax
Take a quick breather
And eat up some snacks

If you keep up this pace
You're definitely burn out
And fall on the ground
And flip like a trout

I don't mean to judge you
Perhaps cause I'm lazy
But just seeing you today
Made me dig my own crazy.