Yesterday at approximately 7:53AM the hermit crab "Dr. Z" passed away from an unknown illness.


Eulogy for Dr. Z

Dr. Z was a proud hermit crab. A smart hermit crab. Compassionate and loving. Adventurous.

Dr. Z came into my life earlier in the week when I bought him at the pet store. And we had some great times together. I remember this one time I was looking at Dr. Z and he climbed up onto a rock, then after 5 minutes or so he climbed onto a different rock. That's the kind of hermit crab Dr. Z was. Always on the go. Trying new things. Once I saw Dr. Z use his pinchers to grab hold of the end of a rock. He held onto that rock. When Dr. Z saw something he liked he went for it. Grabbed it, and held on tight. That's the kind of hermit crab Dr. Z was.

Earlier in the week one of Dr. Z's legs fell off. This might have stopped a lesser hermit crab but Dr. Z embraced his handicap and strove to overcome it. He would have served as a great example for other hermit crabs who might have suffered a similar disability. He showed us how even when challenges were put in his path he would just keep moving forward. Acceptance and perseverance. Practically his motto. Dr. Z (or just "Z") would still climb on rocks and move about the his world just as before. Seemingly oblivious to the fact that his leg fell off.

In very recent days (like the day before yesterday) he wasn't so nimble. He slowed down his climbing from rock to rock during the day and he settled onto this one rock. Although Dr. Z was ill at the time he never complained about it. He didn't want to disturb the other hermit crab in the tank with his illness. Although we were concerned, Z would poke his head out of shell and give a look like, "I'm alright man. I'm just taking it easy today."

That's the kind of hermit crab Dr. Z was. Generous in spirit. Even while his health began to fail him.

We will miss Dr. Z. When I think back on our time together I'll remember this one time I looked down into the tank and said, "Yo! What up, crab dude!?" Dr. Z poked his head out of his shell and looked at me like, "Not much, man. Just doing my thing."

Doing his thing. That's what Dr. Z did. His thing. His way.

Please join me in a moment of silence for Dr. Z. Proud. Triumphant in life. And certainly up in hermit crab heaven right now looking down on us and smiling a hermity smile. If he could talk he'd say, "No matter what happens... just do your thing, man. Just do your thing."

Dr. Z did his thing. He will not be replaced and he will be missed dearly.

ok bye Dr. Z!



*update: I got a second hermit crab because I thought Gene Gene Dancing Machine seemed lonely. He's much happier now. I've named the new hermit crab Senator Fancy Pants.