Paranerd Conspiracy Theory

I making this up and you heard it here first!

This will probably only be interesting to people who fall under the Nerdish persuasion. (But maybe not to them either.)

Here's the dilly. I've been having a little personal tech problem lately. For the past few months, occassionally I'll have weirdo difficulties when uploading files. Just FYI: (Hey! I used FYI! I haven't done that in a while! Hi FYI!): My webhost company is great and I have no concerns about this being a
Peak Webhosting issue. They're amazing. I also have issues when I upload files to other people's servers too. So...

Ok. Now and then certain files have been getting corrupted a little when they get uploaded to a server. Just slightly. A weird line on a photograph. A slightly altered mp3. These are perfectly fine files when I send them off but something happens on the way there occasionally. And sometimes my upload speed fluctuates wildly sometimes. Why? My cable connection? I guess maybe. Maybe I have a virus- but my virus protection doesn't find anything. I keep switching FTP programs but they all are slightly buggy on uploads sometimes.  So what is happening along the way?

Here's my theory: I think the government is copying, tracking and building an archive of all uploaded files with a certain extension. Graphics, sound, video, and text.

(Very arguably this might be a stupid idea for a variety of reasons. Mainly because I don't know what I'm talking about nor how stuff works nor if this even makes sense. I am detaching personal responsibility from my theory with this statement. That statement being the previous sentence.)

Ok maybe it's not just about "the government" but I'm sure they can find uses for that kind of information. And in terms of why the slightly corrupted copy, I doubt if their new mass copying software it can't possibly be free of bugs. Especially when it comes to duplication. Is it so unrealistic to think they actually have the harddrive space? And I think it makes sense (in a governmental sense) for the government to monitor uploads. It might be illegal for them to do ...but is it? To track files that are going around the net? (Psst... I know this sounds paranoid.) But they can't just go grab every email that flies around because there's way too many plus people don't trust email. But what can they control? What is easier to monitor and track? And maybe carries bigger payoff in terms of hard proof?

The uploads. I am not concerned because I don't upload anything that would worry me (if I did I probably wouldn't be posting this) but I don't see why they wouldn't be taking a look. It would make sense (in a governmental sense) for them to do it if it wasn't against the law. And make other sense otherwise... if they do it anyway. Even if my tech problem with altered files is unrelated it still makes sense (in a paranoid sense).

This has not been a political statement and I am aware it sounds mental.

ok bye!