What Happened to Zucchini?

The other day I was out eating food somewhere and I realized something. I haven't seen zucchini anywhere in a long time. Not that zucchini was ever really popular but it would make an appearance here or there on a menu or at a bbq or something. Once in a while. But it's probably been a couple years since I've had any zucchini or zucchini affected recipes on my plate. I've ever been a big fan of zucchini so I haven't missed it. It falls into the squash category as a 'better in theory' type vegetable. Never at the top of the list but somehow always splutting its way onto a plate here or there.

But now zucchini has gone completely MIA! Maybe eggplant finally took over and squished it as competition? Maybe everyone realized that zucchini isn't really very good? Too close to squash with worse coloring? What are people supposed to do with zucchini anyway? Boil it? There's no zucchini sauce. There's no zucchini in salad. I think I've seen it on a skewer. But not in a long time. So what's a zucchini to do?

Maybe it's just me and zucchini has been everywhere and I've just been missing out on some kickass zucchini. Or maybe I've been eating it and not noticing. But I think something has changed in the world of the zucchini. Like old man zucchini finally stepped down and his young whippersnapper grandson took over and ran zucchini straight into the ground lickity split. Then blamed 'genetic engineering' or 'those dicks over at squash' for the quick crash of zucchini.

Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just feeling anti-zucchini today. But is anyone really crazy about zucchini? I don't think so.

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Ok bye!