Pictures for the Week

Some these of pictures I took without looking through the lens. Sort of holding it on my hip and stuff so no one knew I was clicking on the subway or wherever. The camera is pretty quiet. Not sure if it's wrong to take pictures of people without them knowing and posting em on my site but that's what I did. I'll take em down if I feel it ain't right later. It's probably wrong but maybe not. Not all were taken from the hip.

Scooter girl coming down the street all ghostly.

Cotton candy man trying to get out of the subway.

Girl in pink about to enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Subway riders riding.

Not sure what this is but this is what it is now.

Simply school.

Fallout Shelter picture that makes me dizzy in some upsidedowny way.

Criminal carts secretly planning an escape.

Subway waiters waiting.

Subway waiters growing impatient.

UCH! Did that creepy bald guy just take my picture!? Gross!

A NYC pothole and its victim.

This guy isn't afraid of love according to his bag button.

Hat goes on. Hat comes off. Hat goes on. Hat goes off. On. Off. On. Off. On.

Roscoe showing his expertise in maxing relaxing.

I was walking along and saw a sign that said John Waters signing was signing stuff at the Virgin Store at 6:30PM. It was like 6:45. I was like, 'Holy sheet! That's like now!' I walked in and there he was.

Here he is from over here. It wasn't actually all empty looking like this. There was a line to the left that went out the door.

That thing was hooked up to the phonebooth. Lord knows why.

Brooklyn view of Lower Manhattan skyline. (Thankfully unhumiliated with the dopey 'Freedom Tower')

That's it!

ok bye!