Backup Brag

So the other day I was working on some stuff and I decided to not be a dunce and actually like backup stuff. I haven't had my USB backup drive here for a while (long story. it's at a friends.) I just wanted to back up one file. Unfortuantely my burner doesn't work either and I haven't put in the time to figure out why yet- it just ain't working. I thought about the idea of ripping open my computer and throwing my old harddrive in there for stuff... but I really didn't feel like that headache right now either. I just wanted to back up a few semi-large files and deal with stuff later.

Then all of a sudden I look over at my digital camera which is hooked up via USB and I got to thinking. There's 256MB of a memory card in that thing. That card isn't exclusive for pictures or whatever. It can take anything! I dragged and dropped my files onto my camera and used it for backup! How friggin smart is that!?! It was like MacGyver except like only one step!

Ok I guess it's not worth yapping about but it made me feel pretty smart. Maybe this is a really boring what's happening but it's the rare case that I actually think of something and act resourceful and stuff so I had to go bragging about it! Plus I ducked addressing my no-backup hookup situation for another day which fits into my procrastination program just fine...

ok bye!


PS. Backup your files now, you! It's been too long!