The Decieved Tatt

So tonite I was on line at the local deli buying some of this and that and I noticed the girl in front of me had a bunch of tattoos. (I really like looking at people's tattoos. Sort of fascinated by them because tattoos to me always seemed like such a big call. I guess I'm not the type because I can't imagine being so certain about something like that. I'd never be able to decide on an image. Or I'd be scared that the tattoo person would mess it up or something.) Anyway, I'm checking out this chick looking at the one on her lower back (chinese character) and arm (some star cluster ring around the bicep). Then I notice she has one on the back of her neck. Her hair was up so it was easy to see. It looked like this:

At first I thought ok. That's a perfectly ok tattoo sort of. I guess she was hurt by someone or whatever and decided to throw that on the back of her neck. But then I stared at it and saw what was wrong. I before E except after C it ain't isn't! Deceived was spelled wrong on her tattoo. It's not the first misspelt tattoo I've seen and it always sort of amazes me. I'd think if you plan to tatt yourself up and ain't the best speller maybe you wanna run a spellcheck before inking it up? And if you're a tattoo artist and it's a tricky word maybe it's worthwhile to keep a dictionary handy just to save yourself an eraser headache/furious customer down the road?

Or maybe it's not wrong. Maybe it was intentionally mispelt because of some ironic twist or there's some other story behind it. But whatever the story is it just don't seem right to be going around with a typo on your neck. I wanted to ask her if she was aware that it was misspeld. I really wanted to find out the story behind it or whatever, but I am way too shy and nervous to question someone's tattoo in that way.

Which made me wonder about the possibility of her actually not knowing. I mean if a friend of yours came over after getting a tattoo on her neck and was showing it off and it had a typo-- would you say something? Or just say... Looks good! Then slap your forehead when her back was turned. So maybe she didn't know...

I mean her hair was up. She seemed proud of it and all.

ok bye!