Curse Wordsworth

So I was thinking about curse words and it made me realize something. There hasn't been a new curse word in a long, long time. What was the last one? The conversion of 'dick?' I don't think there are any new curses in the works.What was the last new word to come out or be identified under the curse category? How long has it been since there was some curse word activity? 1950?

It made me wonder if it was possible to actually launch a new curse word. Like what would it take to drive something rude enough to be like banned from TV or whatever? Is that now impossible? Regardless of how big some slang term gets could it be flagged as indecent if it grew big enough? Or would that seem ridiculous? If they tried to ban a new word off TV would everyone just roll their eyes and say it was stupid? Would people protest and defend the innocent new word?

I mean it's possible to bust out a new word once in a while. But a new curse word?? It sort of makes me sad that it doesn't seem possible to make 'Torlork' 'Torlorker' or 'Torlorking' (bad examples)  new curse words. Maybe it's just that the original curse words pack so much punch to them that anything 'new' will just seem dopey.  Oh well.

Maybe we can import one from another language or something to just jump start the curse word machine. Let's see if anything sticks. Please post a foreign curse word and its definition or your own new brand curse word and its definition here. (if you wanna)

ok bye!