Spiral Induced Panic (+ poll)

So this morning I was hanging out with Roscoe on my bed even though Roscoe isn't allowed on my bed according to house rules but he seems unaware of that rule and someone is too wimpy to actually enforce the law around here sometimes.

Anyway, I decided to go in my little office computer room thing to do whatever and I gave Roscoe a rawhide spiral to keep him busy for a while. This being a spiral.

It's like a rawhide chewy thing that Roscoe really digs although had an issue with a spiral once before. A few weeks ago he chewed up practically a whole spiral until he was left with a rawhide ring of sorts. And that ring got jammed up stuck on the roof of his mouth and he ran around my apartment all upset slapping himself in the head. I didn't know what was setting him off. I had to chase him down and pry open his mouth but didn't see anything so I let him go and he did it again with the slapping. It took me two or three grabstop pryopens before I saw it was jammed up there. I got it out and threw it away. He seemed freaked by the whole experience.

Anyway, today he started in on the spiral and like 10 minutes later I hear him in the other room going nutty wimpering and stuff. I run in there and see him. He's sort of spaz limping around the room with one paw held off the ground like it was hurt or whatever. He was freaking out. I saw at the end of his paw the spiral had sort of twisted around and caught up into the soft part between his paw pads. No fun totally. I grabbed him and told him to calm down but he didn't seem to understand what I was saying because he totally didn't calm down when I grabbed him. He was like biting at his paw. Finally I got a hold of the spiral thing and basically like pulled it out like the mouse lion thorn type deal.

He looked at me like, 'Wow! You actually weren't trying to make it worse? Cool!' I was like, 'Yeah dopey, that's what I'm here for.' I felt like a hero. I handed him the spiral back to see if he still wanted it but it seemed that that was the last straw with spirals. I replaced it with one of these hard wafer round things that he likes... so for a while maybe we'll go with those so he doesn't mess himself up on a friggin chewy for a while. Dorkdog.

ok bye!


PS. Anyway, place your vote on this topic here. It's hard not to go back and forth on it.

(FYI I have no plans on breeding little Roscoes. I don't think my landlord would be psyched if I had a litter up here.)


Where do you stand on spay or neutering pets?

Unless you're breeding they should all get fixed.
Get the females fixed- not the males.
Get the males fixed- not the females.
Only do it if there are behavioral problems.
Fixing a pet is wrong. Leave their goodies alone!
Personal decision. No comment.