Rainy Day Today

Today it's raining. I know this not only because I can look out the window and see it's raining. Not only because the tak-tak-tak on my air conditioner but mainly because I walked into my kitchen this morning to make some coff-ay and stepped in a puddle. Every frickin time it rains one window has to stay open and flood my place. So I got all pissed and yanked at the papertowel roll over the sink to clean up. But it like popped off of the plastic holder and splashed down into the pot that was 'soaking' in the sink. (I soak almost everything before washing it.) Then I'm mad cause I'm standing in a puddle and I have to touch the wet papertowel roll which somehow grosses me out. Then I turn around and walk to throw it out and I see that I didn't put in a new trashbag in the trash can. And I'm dripping more water everywhere from the stupid wet papertowel roll. Not that it matters. Anyway I clean up and whatever but I look at the window I don't see how so much water came inside. Rain comes in all sideways like that? Through the screen? I guess so huh.

Anyway, I love rainy days. When it's nice outside and stuff I feel the need to go out and do stuff but on rainy days it's like guilt-free stay inside time. It's sort of like a snow day or something. You're not 'wasting a day' as it's raining and all. It works out extra good for me because I never have an umbrella. If I buy an umbrella I lose it within a matter of hours so I never have that. Same thing with sunglasses. They disappear pretty fast too. Luckily I don't ever need both on the same day.

What I want more of is lightning and thunder. In New York it seems rare that we get a real good boomy boom boom storm. The kind that scares wimpy dogs and all cats. That's what I really want. Because when it's thundering out not only is it a good reason not to go out. But you can even push things one step further and just stay in bed and read and stuff.

As I'm writing this it seems the rain is slowing down. That sort of sucks but I still won't go out. I don't want to go all stepping in puddles and stuff. Been there, done that.

ok bye!