Soprano Scoop!

So today I took a Roscoe stool sample to the vet because Roscoe has had an upset stomach lately and been lazy. The vet called a few hours later and it turns out Roscoe has like extra bacteria in his stomach or something usually caused by eating too much garbage off the street. He's constantly picking something (anything) up off the ground for me to fish out of his mouth so I guess it got to him.

The vet gave me some powdery medicine and said he should eat light meals for a few days. She recommended a recipe boiled chicken and potatoes with rice. She also told me to get him a 'gentle leader' which keeps his head up when he walks around. So I headed out of my apartment in the 100 degree heat to get one of those leashes and go grocery shopping to come back with a chicken.... to cook over the stove... for my dog.

Anyway, I get up to the top of the street and I see there are like movie trailers all over the place. I was psyched I had my camera with me!

Then I checked out a sign on the street and it was this...

I was like HOLY MOLY! They're filming Sopranos around here!

I walked another block and I saw there was some activity in front of a church..

I stood across the street with like 6 or 7 paparazzi and I saw the whole gang! Tony, Carmela, AJ, Christofuh, all of em! I clicked pictures along with the paparazzi people. One guy was complaining non-stop because his camera kept taking pictures out of focus. He was freaking out. The other paparazzi guys were telling him to shut up. I was embarrassed of my dinky Olympus D-380. It was like there I was in a line of paparazzi with superscope megacameras and there was me with my little clicker. But whatever! The last people I should be embarrassed in front of are paparazzi people!

The out of focus paparazzi guy eventually went across the street on to the set to get a better shot and this guy shooed him away all like 'Get the F out of here...Kapeesh?'


Anyway, the scene they kept shooting was Tony Soprano walking into a church through a metal detector then collapsing on the steps... and everyone gasps and crowds around.

Here's Tony collapsed sitting on the steps. Scoop!

So why are they at the church?

I don't know!

That's Meadow to the right of him in a black dress so it's not her wedding.

I guess maybe a funeral. But for who?? And why is Tony in his undershirt? I dunno!


There's that John guy on smoke break. He smokes in real life! Scoop!

Then they broke for lunch. There's Christofuh! He uses a cellphone! Scoop!

He walked right past me! Scoop!

Tony talking to someone about something! I could have thrown a rock at him easy! He looked at me after I clicked this picture! I was like, 'HI TONY SOPRANO!'  in my head. Scoop!

There's AJ! He has long hair now! Scoop again!

More Tony Soprano! I could have totally ran up to him and offered him gum! Scoop!

There's that guy! He's not dead on the show! Scoop scoop!

There's AJ he's all grown up and smokes cigarettes! Scoop!

Anyway that was that for my Soprano paparazzing.

On the way home I saw Tony outside of his trailer. Some dad came up to him with his kid and Tony said hi and shook his hand. Tony seemed like a nice guy! Scoop!

I was jealous of the kid. I would have like to have said hi to Tony Soprano! I would have offered him gum too and told him how I was gonna go cook chicken for my dog!

So that's that with that! I'm off to boil a boid! Fuggetaboutit! Kapeesh?

ok bye!


(Dominic Z sent in this link bout all this)