Pics from the Weekend

Hey! I was out in Montauk this weekend hanging out with a friend of mine and doing stuff. Roscoe came along which was coolio and he went to the beach for the first time. It was weird seeing him react to the sand and the ocean. Basically he totally freaked out. He'd never felt soft smushy stuff under his feet and he'd never seen or heard the ocean. It made me wonder about the idea of seeing the ocean for the first time...and how I'd react... if I was unaware that the ocean even existed. All of a sudden there's a gigundo smashing endless water thing. Crazy scary! Loud and bigger than anything ever!

So Roscoe totally freaked out and wanted to run off the beach immediately. It must have been like landing on another planet. He was whimpering and scared out of his mind. The ocean was so superloud! But after a while we got him to be more comfortable in the sand...  then he started getting closer and closer to the water. Then he watched another nice doggie (Mandy) splash in the surf. And eventually he joined her.

Twas way coolio to see him overcome his fears and stuff...

The Fear Conquerer! (pre-conquering)


Anyway, here's a bunch of pictures of animals and stuff mostly from a farm called Rita's Stable.
Sorry the pics are so animal dominated. I just like taking pictures of animals alot.

This is Julio. He's a donkey. He didn't seem to know too much stuff about anything at all totally. But he was a nice guy.

I promised goat pictures! This guy is a goat. He really liked getting his picture taken. This is him being casual.

This is him being thoughtful.

This is him being coy.

This is him being playful.

This guy was really small so I took a picture of him big.

He got hay boogers.

The cool calves are hanging out under the bench where it's way calf cool. The dorky calf is hoping to be invited to hang under the bench but right now he's not calf cool enough.

Shh... I think there are pigs or something in there... hold up shush.... Yeah yeah! I'm telling you man! I hear pigs in there!


Rooster on the run! Going nowhere at top speed!

Ow! When I woke up this morning I didn't expect my day to go this way! Totally not at all! Dags! Ow! Ow! Friggin Oh-Double-U, dude!! Go easy with that thing!

A cow mime. Doing 'Eating the grass'

Come on guys! Let's stampede! Let's stampede!

Shut up, Harold! We're not stampeding!

Yeah shut up, Harold! Doofus.

Cowdren of the Corn

The famous Montauk lighthouse. Haunted to the core.

Party time at Nick's! These girls were dancing on Moe's car. Everyone cheered when they got up on the car to dance. Everyone always cheers whenever a girl gets up on anything to dance... including me.

That's it for now!

ok bye!