In Search of Brittney Dirtor

So the other day I was walking around and I saw a notebook on the street in the gutter and decided to pick it up (I can't resist notebooks in the gutter.) This one was a particularly nice score. It was filled with poems written by some school girl. The first page says: Here's a bunch of samples:

Not bad right? There's probably about 50 of these poems in the book.

Here's the only ID on the book. Not sure what's going on there.

On the back cover it says this:

Anyway, her notebook is here and I'm gonna head out this afternoon and put up a couple of flyers on posts that says I found this notebook and for 'Brittney' send me email if she wants it back. Must suck to lose a whole book of poetry (especially if that's what you did all summer)- unless she's one of those poets who throws everything she writes in the gutter... as a poetic license of sorts. But more likely it's the former.

Anyway, that's that with that. I have your notebook Brittney D.! (Apologies for publishing your poems here if it embarrasses you.)

ok bye!


PS Previously I had her last name posted but I'm afraid it's going to embarrass her so I took it down.