Dear Mr. & Mrs. Marino,

The other day I was at the supermarket looking for some alternative to ice cream because my face is too round and when I push my chin into my neck it doesn't look so good. I was considering some yogurt fat-free frozen gunk when I saw a box of Marinos Italian Ices. Watermelon flavor. Six cups in the box! I'm like, 'Italian ice! I loved italian ice as a kid! Psyched! Yummy with the wooden spoon thing scrape scrape fun delicious activity thing!' I threw the box in my cart and shoved off.

When I got home and opened the box and was hugely disappointed. There were no wooden spoons in the box! There were no spoons at all! Just the six things of italian ice all alone! I shook the box out and looked inside. What?! No wooden spoons?! WTF!? That's half the fun of having italian ice I think! How could you (of all people!) not know this!? So I grabbed a stupid regular old metal spoon and did the scrape scrape with that but it wasn't the same. It sucked. And there was something slightly chilling doing the scrape scrape with the metal. Like chalkboard nails stuff.

So Mr. & Mrs. Marino, I'm telling you you're making a huge mistake by not including the wooden spoons! I'm definitely not going to buy any more take-home italian ice until you rectify the situation with the wooden spoons! You're f'in crazy to not have the wooden spoons in there! Is it a cost cutting thing? How much could a wooden spoon cost? Uncheapify yourself! I'd settle for one and just reuse it!

Get your act together Mr. & Mrs. Marino! C'mon! Jeez louise!

ok bye!



Dear Todd:

Thank you for writing to us.  We are sorry to hear that you were
disappointed that there were no wooden spoons in our supermarket pack.
Typically, home packs are not packed with spoons.  We do try to keep our
prices down and adding the spoons would add to the cost.  The other
reason is that we did not realize there were consumers that enjoyed
using the wooden spoons.  Certainly, we want you to continue to enjoy
our Marino's Italian Ices so we would like to send you a supply of
spoons to keep you a happy consumer.  We would like to also send you a
special Marino's Italian Ice T-shirt.

Mrs. Lina Barone
Customer Relations
Olympic Ice Cream Co., Inc.