Colander Mystery Solved!

So today I walked into my middle room and I saw a little glint of something and the flood of memories came back as to where my colander has been.

The glint came from behind my bean bag chair. (I had blueberry eggos this morning that's why the syrup is up there.) Anyway, once I saw the glint I knew right away I had found my colander ...and I remember how it got behind my beanbag chair.

A couple weeks ago I washed off some grapes. I usually put the grapes on a paper plate and bring them over to the tv and eat them. But I was out of paper plates. I considered using a regular dinner plate but the grapes didn't seem worthy of the regular plate because I have to wash all my regular plates by hand and grapes will barely mess up a plate- but mess it up enough that the plate needs to be washed and I wasn't sure the effort of whole plate washing was worth the grapes.

SO (it all comes back to me now!) I brought the colander over to the beanbag chair and ate the grapes straight outta there. Then I decided to take a nap in the beanbag chair and I just sort threw the colander over the side to pre-nap. And I guess that nap knocked out any memory of colander usage... until now.

There it is. Colander found. All is well. Not the most exciting ending to the mystery.... but at least it proves I'm officially not crazy (er).

ok bye!