Valet Jerk

So the other day was walking by a restaurant valet stand and some jerk pulls up and gets out of his car and immediately says to the valet guy, 'This car is already running! So you DO NOT need to turn it on!' The valet guy who didn't speak much english sort of gave him a confused look. So the jerk turned to the other valet and said, 'Will you explain to him that he DOES NOT need to turn on my car! Because it's already on! The engine is just very quiet! And if you people mess up my starter, I will hold you responsible!' The other valet who also didn't speak great english but seemed to understand enough to interpret that this guy was a jerk. The car wasn't even driving some fancy schmacy car. Not that it makes a difference but still I'd expect that sort of prickishness from a jerk driving around in a Ferrari with a vanity plate that says 'HOT4ASS' like a schmuck.

Anyway, he mumbled something and stormed off. The valet guys looked at me with that, 'Is it us or was that guy a total asshole?' I gave them the eyerolly wtf agreement shrug and walked off. They were stunned. I hoped that they'd rely on their lack of english to grind the starter out of spite and shove that jerk over the cliff of bad moodom- but they didn't. 

But it made me wonder about people like that. It's like the same type of person who will sit down in a restaurant and act jerky to waiters and waitresses before their food even arrives (aka not a good idea). Jerky people with the attitude that people are out to get them. Or not respect them. They tap into previous bad experiences and apply it to every similar situation from now on. Makes me feel bad for them.

But its no excuse for being a jerk. Sure maybe someone grinded this guys starter before.  Fine. But does it make sense to act like a prick to the person who is about to drive away in your car? And what kind of mood is that to walk around in? What kind of balls does it take to just hop out of your car and basically imply that someone is a dope who doesn't understand how cars work? On top of it, if you're that sensitive about your stupid starter.... Here's an idea for you jerkass. Turn off your stupid car!


ok bye!