Over the Age Limit

So I was watching American Idol tonite (I've been watching it on and off) and I found out that earlier in the show some dude got booted off because he was over the age limit of 24. This month I'm turning 33. 33. Three and frickin another three. In my thirties. Thirty-something. Early thirties. I'm going to be 33. Right now I'm 32. When people ask me how old I am I will say, 'Me? 33.' It sounds weird coming out of my head because I still feel like I'm about 17 (maybe) and don't act much differently. It's sort of like, 'Who's that guy saying he's 33? Oh yeah. me. right.' 

But I was reminded tonite of my age because they told me I can't be the American Idol. Not even because I can't sing and am bald and I have stage fright but because I'm over the age limit by eight years. I'm not allowed to even friggin try out and get mocked by that dick Simon!

I'm not really that upset about the birthday thing- I do kind of whatever it. But I do remember the first time I became 'too old' for something I totally freaked out. I was sitting around watching The Real World when I was 25 and they asked for tryouts for next season. And I remember thinking, 'Ooh maybe I should try out...' Then they said, 'If you're between 18-24 blah blah blah send in a tape or whatever' and I was like, 'Wait a sec.. what? What did you say Alan Hunter? (or whoever) I can't be on the Real World? I don't understand. I still watch the show. But I'm not allowed on it. What the fuck?' And then I realized I had fallen into some new demographic. I was separated from MTV. They draw the line right on my big newly balding head, those MTV bastards.

It doesn't seem that long ago when I was a little kid that my babysitter was so super-old at 17 studying Al-ge-bra in 'high school'. But now I'm a-gonna be 33 year old guy. And it's not like there is anything that I'm going to age into anytime soon that's all that cool. I can already legally drink. I can vote. I can drive a car (not that well mind you I've crashed like 6 times and every time I was driving under like 25MPH and caused as much damage as you can possibly cause crashing under 25MPH. long stories. it's probably for the best that I don't own a car now.) but anyway. But it does kind of suck that there's no 'now that I'm 33 I finally get to do... whatever thing.' Oh wait I sec. I can be old enough to be President soon. So that's kind of cool.

But whatever. I really am fine with my age and am happy where I am and actually it's a pretty cool age with the 3 and the 3. I sound like an old man even talking about it all so I'm gonna shut up now.

F American Idol!

ok bye!