Triple Bald Soul

So last night I was at some bar at a birthday party for a girl friend of mine and was sitting on a long bench by the wall. I started talking to some dude I met once before somewhere whenever. This guy is bald and wears glasses. I'm bald and wear glasses. And I think whenever I talk to a bald guy with glasses there's some sort of like unspoken bald bond acknowledgement of the look we both have. Some common ground. A mental nod. Like we were both in the foxhole of hairloss anxiety together, weathered the storm... and emerged bald... with glasses.  But there's also another feeling that comes along with it. Sort like the feeling when you show up somewhere to meet a friend and you're dressed the same. Like with the same shirt or whatever. Especially if the glasses are similar.

Anyway I'm talking to my bald brethren and he sits down next to me on the bench. Bald/bald. Glasses/glasses. Ok. Fine. We talk about whatever. And I forget about our similar look. But then this other bald dude with glasses sits down next to me on the other side to talk to some other people! He didn't even seem to notice he was sitting down next to two bald with glasses people already! We were already at full capacity at the bench! How could he not see?! Three of us! Bald with glasses in a row! Facing the bar. And I felt sort of self-conscious about the whole thing. Like we look like three bongo bongo heads or maybe like some sort of egg carton thing.

Ok maybe its just me being still overly parasensitive about the bald thing but I just sort of wanted to acknowledge the situation to the other bald guys like, 'Hey! Look at us! Three bald guys with glasses! In a row! Huh! On the bench! Huh?! Right?!' And just point at the bald elephant in the room...

But I think the unspoken bald bond insists that those things remain go unsaid...

ok bye!