Attack of the Flying Superbugs ! 

So the other day I'm hanging out in my apartment minding my own business... and I see a giant roach-looking bug crawling across my floor. I freaked out. I'm seriously paranoid about bugs and thankfully don't see em in my apartment like ever. I buy roach traps every few months just to keep up with my paranoia. So seeing this giant one out of nowhere freaked me out. I sprang into action. I don't like mushing bugs because the crunch noise makes me crazy so when they come around I like trapping them and throwing them out the window. I grabbed a shoebox I had nearby and go to trap this big roach. I'm about to trap it and the thing takes flight! I freak out even more! It was crazy to see it fly because I assumed it was just a creepy crawly and not a superevolved flying creepy crawly. But I trapped it and I slid a vinyl record cover under the box and hucked the thing out the window. Phew.

I turn around from the window and see Roscoe chasing another giant bug across the floor. Equal size! I got super freaked! Two! WTF! Roscoe looked like he was going to try and eat it and I wasn't so into him eating it so I trapped it with the box as it tried to take friggin flight. I was psyched I trapped it because if I lost a big bug like that in my apartment I would probably have to move out-- as I don't want it crawling into my ear at night and laying eggs in my head. Then I went around my apartment shutting all my windows and I got my bug spray and sprayed friggin everywhere. Then I slid the vinyl under the thing and hucked this new guy out the window.

I sit down at my computer to relax and a few minutes later I see a third bug crawling out from under my cork board thing. I was stunned and scared. I still had the spray around and I sprayed the hell out of this one. It took off flying and I sprayed in the air and all over my stuff and around my head trying to get the thing down. It finally crashed onto the my table and started twitching around. By now I'm completely bug-eyed and freaked. Roscoe seemed to sense my crazy far away (I didn't spray the spray near him btw) as I ran to the other room to grab some papertowels to clean up the spray and get rid of the dying bug.

I get back into the computer room and the dying bug was gone! I got super paranoid that this super bug survived my onslaught and now was recovering somewhere and plotting revenge with the eggs and stuff. So I tore the room apart looking for the thing. It was gone! I got scared I was going to have to pack up and move! Finally I found the thing behind my box of stuff and threw it out.

Since then I've kept my windows closed and haven't seen any more super bugs. I guess that made me crazy it was three over the course of like a half hour with made me mental. But bad things come in threes so I'm gonna just assume that was that.... but I can't help seeing things that aren't there out of the corner of my eye. Hopefully that will go away soon too.

ok bye!