Where's the Crazy Dog Farm?

So when I was a little kid around 12 or whatever my family got our first dog. We ended up getting a Dalmatian and we named her Pepper. Pepper was what you'd call a "high-energy" dog. Super high-energy actually. Pepper would run crazy in the house up the stairs down the stairs up the stairs down the stairs up the stairs down the stairs up down up down up down up down up down up down for hours. When I'd walk Pepper down the street she'd pull me along like we were in a dogsled race. We'd lock Pepper in a room when it was time for a 'time-out' and while in the time-out room Pepper would pass the time by digging a hole in the carpet or she'd try to dig/eat her way through the wall. Pepper preferred not to be trained at all as it interfered with her high energy activities. At night when it was time for bed I'd have to wrestle Pepper for like a half-hour to get her to get tired so she'd pass out. Sometimes she'd bite me harder than I'd prefer.

Pepper lived in our house for a couple of months and we really tried to explain that to her that she was acting crazy. And although Pepper was a lunatic, I liked Pepper alot. Then one morning ...Pepper was gone. My brother and I asked our parents where Pepper was and my parents explained that Pepper was really more of an 'outside dog' and she's gone to live on a big farm where there's plenty of room for Pepper to run around crazy all day. I was like, 'Oh cool. For how long?' And sure enough it was explained that the farm was Pepper's new home... for good.

My brother and I immediately locked ourselves in the bathroom and insisted that we weren't going to come out until Pepper was brought home from the farm. But after like an hour we got sort of hungry and put our protest on hold. I think within a week my parents brought home a new dog 'Goober' who turned out to be a fantastic super smart dog and my best friend.

Anyway, I've told this story to alot of people and I've found that alot of kids have had their crazy dogs go off to live on a "farm". So my question is, where is this farm? What farmer is all hyped up to take in crazy dogs? Is there just one big farm with packs of lunatic dogs running amok all day? I mean even if you lived on a farm and someone showed up with a berserker dog and was like, 'Umm.. this here dog is kind of an untrainable nutjob... You want it?' Would they really say, 'Sure! Sounds good!'?

But I guess that's the case because that IS where Pepper went to live. On a sprawling farm. And although I've heard theories about what/where the crazy dog farm really is, I ignore those theories.  As I prefer to imagine Pepper running wild among cows and sheep with other crazy dogs... until she gets so tired out that she heads back to the barn and falls asleep in a horse stable next to her gimpy horse friend named 'Banjo'.

ok bye!