Follow Your Nose

So anyway sometimes I doubt my nose. Like if I smell milk and it smells a little off but it's not 'technically' expired yet- I'll go with the expiration date over my nose telling me not to drink it. Or sometimes I'll eat some food that smells a little off just because. Like a burrito or shrimp or chicken or whatever. I tend to trust where it's coming from then my own friggin nose. I'll assume it's ok because it's from a 'place' and think its just me. I know it's dopey but sometimes when I'm hungry I guess my stomach overrides my brain and my stomach is a dope.

Anyway, last night I opened up a can of dog food for Roscoe (he gets half can/half dry) and it smelled a little weird. Like a slightly strong or whatever. Not major weird just slight weird. So I smelled it again and was like, 'This smells a little weird...' But then I overrode it and in my head I was like, 'Dude, it's dog food! It's supposed to smell weird! You just probably never really noticed before! Or maybe you're smelling better today or something. It's in a can! Stop your paranoia!' So I shrugged it off and against my nose's advice I gave Roscoe some of the food.

Sure enough, this morning I wake up and half-asleep I walked over to the kitchen to put on some coffay- and at the last millisecond I looked down and avoided stepping barefoot in a splat of diarrhea right outside my kitchen. My foot was on the way down to it! So close to contact! My reflexes kicked in to avoid the step-in and it threw me off balance and I sort of twisted away from it and smashed my shoulder into the corner of the wall. It hurt crazy much and I did that thing where you breathe in through your teeth with your eyes scrunched shut.

I looked at the ria and immediately remembered the 'off' food. I was pissed at myself. (Sorry Roscoe!) I cleaned it up and man did it smell something fierce! Anyway, Roscoe's doody has since returned to normal. But this is it! I'm declaring for the record for here on out- whether it's shrimp or fish or chicken or a friggin carrot if it smells weird I'm not gonna eat it! I'm not gonna eat it! Nor feed it to my dog!

Trust your nose! Your nose knows I say!

ok bye!