Tuckie Mc Belt Tucker

So the other night I was out at a bar drinking beer and I took a look around the room and noticed something. I wasn't looking 'cool'. Because my belt was hidden. Apparently there's this thing now where you're supposed to like tuck the front of your shirt only into the front of your pants. Showing off your belt. It's not like a full tuck. It's more like just a front tuck. Like you're supposed to make it seem like you don't even realize it or something. After thought type tuck. Not a full on wedgie tuck. It makes a statement. The statement is, 'I am wearing a belt! This is my belt!'

Like this dope,

So I decided I was gonna join in and display my belt in an attempt to be cool. I got a little insecure about my belt status tho. Like maybe it was too skinny or something. Maybe doing this with a slightly skinny belt is way wrong? But I went into the bathroom and tucked anyway. And looked at it in the mirror and it didn't look right. Then I sort of untucked and ruffled. It still didn't looked right. I readjusted and then fixed. It seemed sort of right. I looked at myself in the mirror. I too was making the statement, 'I am wearing a belt! This is my belt!'

I walked out of the bathroom with my coolified outfit and looked at other guys sorta like, 'Yeah yo, I'm down with the belt thing.' Or 'Hey man, nice belt. I too am wearing a belt... as you can see by my tuck.' After five minutes or so my tshirt tuck fell out over my belt. So I tucked it back in sort of casual again. Then I walked around some more. Then it fell out again and I said screw it.

But big warning to all Belty Mc Belt Tuckers! Now that I've picked up on the belt thing-- it's probably officially uncool to do the tuck. It's probably done. Not sure how it will evolve from here because people seem to like showing off their belts... But people gotta show off something... something to hold up pants... what's next to show off... hmm...  maybe umm...  suspenders! Yeah! How bout them?! Rainbow suspenders! Yah! With flair! Bonus! Maybe that's the next thing! Yeah!

And maybe I should get ahead of the game for once... by busting them out firstest!

Nanoo Nanoo, baby!


PS. Or maybe I should trump everyone and bandwagon with my waffle buckle provided by the Official Belt Buckle Provider of oddtodd.com!