Tag Sale and/or Richard Bey

Today I was thinking about either writing about how I seriously wanted to have a tag sale this summer to get rid of alot of stuff (and didn't) OR write about my Richard Bey Show appearance. Writing about not having a tag sale seemed stupid so I decided to write about Richard Bey. Here's what I wrote:


So years ago when I was unemployed the first time and living at home with my parents I would watch alot of daytime TV. There was a show on Channel 9 called The Richard Bey Show that I liked. It was sort of like pre-Jerry Springer but more cheesy and worser. Richard Bey was a pioneer of terrible tv. And I'd sit there and watch it. Day after day. Fresh home from college and clueless.

My parents couldn't have been all that psyched about the fact that I just went thru four years college (plus one summer session) and graduated with a 2.27GPA and a degree in Communication (or is it Communications. I still don't know.) Everyday I'd wander around the house while my parents were at work and play video games and half-pretend to get a job. At night I'd drink beer with friends and play more video games. Them was the salad years. (Eventually I'd get a job as a customer service rep for Gannett Newspapers and I remember calling out sick on the very first day.)

Anyway, I decided I was gonna go to Bey. I called up the number on the screen and got two tickets to the show for later that week. Then a friend of mine and me headed out to Secaucus for this show. (How's that for bad grammar. no wonder I had a 2.27). We got in the studio and found out that the day's topic was Biker Chicks vs' The Lovely Ladies. The premise of the show was matching up biker chicks against like prissy girls to see who's better. The activities were ranged from dumb trivia to sawing wood.

At this point, I realized I have a VHS tape of the show somewhere around here and started to look for it. I thought maybe I'd get back on the stick and  transfer it to the computer and show it here. I returned like an hour later empty handed even though I know for fact it's in here somewhere:

I opened up my trunk/coffay table and went thru all the crap in there. Tons of video tapes. No Richard Bey. There's Roscoe looking dopey.

I dug through the crap in my back closet. That's my old fraternity sweatshirt. Go TKE! (And no that's not it on the side shelf there...)

And I went through all this stuff in the hallway. Totally nothing! WTF!

All that searching around I got doubly upset because I was like rubbing my own face in the fact that I didn't have a tag sale this year! There's too much stuff in here! Maybe next year. Anyway,


To make a long story short I decided to be an audience participant that day on the Bey show. One of the 'Lovely Ladies' was super annoying so I stood up and Richard Bey came running over and I said into the mic, 'I think that biker chick with the tattoos should hop on her harley and run over that chick in the brown dress!' And the whole audience went 'WOOO!' I got a woo! A total woo!

I taped the show and when I got home I watched myself and was all proud! I had never been on TV before!

When my parents came back from work I was like, 'Guess what I did today?' They were like, 'Found a job?' I was like, 'Umm. No..better! THIS!'

And I pushed play on my audience participation... I showed them the big woo I got... .

And somehow I was actually surprised that my parents weren't really impressed.

ok bye!


PS Yes I'll keep looking for the tape. I know its around here somewhere.