Tai Chi Man vs' The 4-Year Old Girl

So there's this guy who does Tai Chi in this little park around the corner. I'm not sure what Tai Chi really is but it involves doing what looks like slow motion karate moves while standing in place. For some spiritual exercise type reasons or something. (Here's an example if you wanna see). Anyway, I always stop for a while to watch this guy do his tai chi and of course I have the inner conversation of... 'Maybe I should be doing that! That looks easy enough! And I'm sure it's healthy! Maybe Tai Chi is missing in my life!' Then I'll wander down the street and get a roast beef sandwich from the deli and forget about it or whatever.

I always found it interesting that this guy could go into his own tai chi world in the middle of a busy park. He seems to be able to ignore everyone around him, people pushing strollers past him, kids playing, people eating lunch next to him. Whatever. He just has a peaceful look on his face as he goes through his motions.

But yesterday he was really put to the test. There was a little girl in the playground right next to him who had a small hard plastic pot (for sand or whatever). All of a sudden she starts banging it on the side of the metal jungle gym. Clang clang clang! Clang clang! Clang Clang CLANG clang clang Clangclangclang Clang! CLANG CLANG... then silence for like 10 seconds.... then CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG! Going on and on and on...

I looked at Tai Chi Man and was convinced this clanging was gonna totally derail his personal peace train. At least break his concentration or something. Some acknowledgement of the annoyance. CLANG CLANG! clangclangclang! (all off-beat) CLANG CLANG! clangclangclangCLANG! CLANG! I was sure Tai Chi Man was going to snap and yell, 'Ay! Would you give the clanging clang clang a fruckin rest, you brat! I'm tai chi-ing ovah here!' But nothing. No sign of snapping. Not even a glance over at the kid. He just kept doing his tai chi like nothing was going on. Like he was on the top of a mountain or whatever.

And when I walked down the street still hearing the clanging going constantly I got totally convinced that tai-chi was definitely not for me. Because in 1000 years I could never ignore that Clang clang! Clang Clang CLANG clang clang... while trying to find inner peace... No how. No way.

ok bye!