TV Show, You Have Been Chosen!

So I decided it was high time to pick up a new TV show. I haven't picked up a new regular show in ages. I did go through the first season of OC but I just couldn't hang in there with it. The nerdy kid slept with two hot chicks too fast and he turned cool and it got all messy. Since then I've been flipping non-stop except for American Idol which I always watch straight through. And I refuse to watch any new reality shows. Enough is enough and they're under official boycott.

This Fall the dopey TV people have bombarded us with their pathetically desperate pleas to watch their new shows. And I've paid close attention to what was coming at me because one of them was going to be a winner in my personal Nielsen box in my head.

(I know alot of people will tell me I gotta watch Desperate Housewives or Lost or return to the OC or pick up a CSI or something. I don't want to bandwagon on some old show and scramble to catch up with who's who and what the dilly. And no, I don't want to catch up on dvd either because tv on dvd somehow is still weird for me. Like watching a live event on tape.)

So here's the shows that made the finals:

Invasion: This show looked sort of coolio. It came in 2nd place. I like the line in the promo, 'Mommy you smell different...' But somehow it looks like it could become an annoying mess. And it feels too Lost bandwagonny. Out.

My Name is Earl: NBC is really betting hard on this one. It seems everyone's job is on the line to make this work. But back off a little. Get Earl out of my face! What do you tv people think? People are gonna be all over this out of the gate? Take it easy with Earl. Or at least make the promos look like a show I wanna watch.

Commander in Chief: Yeah yeah woman as President. Ok. Blah blah. But so what. And Geena Davis? Yawn. They should have made this show about the First Husband who like walks around the White House with a putter, golfballs, and an empty coffee cup setting up elaborate mini-golf challenges. Playing thru important meetings the whole deal. Right down the friggin board room table.

Surface: Something involving the water and creepy things or something? Right? And then umm... things come out of the water? But what are the things? Are they evil? Are they friends? Are they dorks? Are they dicks? Seems like a mini-series-- not a new show. Seems too family friendly too. Remake V instead please. Thanks.

Ghost Whisperer: Ghosts but nice and sappy with 'Love' driving this one straight into a panicked retooling after 4 weeks. I just wish TV could scare me again. TV hasn't given me a nightmare since Fantasy Island.

Kitchen Confidential: Eh. I've had enough of cocky jerks getting their own shows. Pass.

Apprentice: Martha: Eh. I've had enough of cocky jerks getting their own shows. Pass.

E-Ring: Mr. Ex-Julia's Boyfriend Dickface runs around acting like some government jerk? Somehow I get the feeling the government seeming all buttoned down and on the ball seems to much of a stretch.

The rest of the shows blur for me into a hodge podge of like-- The world is being threatened by al qaeda alien terrorists and this other guy needs to break out of prison because he loves the head alien terrorist and two dopey mismatched gay lawyers work on an intergalactic prenuptial agreement to save the world but first they adopt Chris Rock as a 10 year old kid who will eventually grow up to be a 200 year old psychic coroner from beyond the grave? Or something..

So what's the winner?

Reunion (Thursday's 9PM Fox)

I watched the first episode last night (rerun) and it seemed solid. The writing wasn't overly vomity (just some jt's here and there) and I'm sort of interested in it. It overloads itself with 80's music which is annoying but whatever. The chicks are hot and it's got a 'new' structure. So that's the one!

(And no I'm not some sell-out stooge who like agreed to promote this show because some network flunky gave me $200 and a Fox hooded sweatshirt to say something about their new show on my website. I just decided I'm gonna go in on this show and keep my fingers crossed. I want it to stay on the air because if it goes off-  I'll be calling my chick friend on the phone asking her to catch me up on Desperate Housewives... which is something I'm desperately trying to avoid.)

ok bye!


PS. Fox people, I wear a L or an XL depending on the shrinkage factor. Feel free.