The Barber of Smellville

So my regular barber guy went out of business recently which sucked- but recently a new barbershop opened up like a block away which was cool. I really don't care where I get my haircut as long as it's cheap. We're only talking about a razor shavedown to baldy stubble so whatever. $10. Done and done.  I guess I could do it myself but I'm not sure how I'd do the back or whatever. And it's an activity for me.

Anyway, this new place opens up and its owned by these three brothers (I think they're brothers). They're foreign but I honestly (seriously) can't place where they're from. At first they seemed really excited to be owning a business. They put up posters from the show The OC. Adam Brody and Mischa Barton. I guess a hairstyle examples or whatever. They also have this punchcard system where if you buy 10 haircuts you get one free. Cool. They push their punchcard program a little hard tho. Like after the haircut the first thing they say to me is, 'YOU HAVE CARD?!YES?' I'm mumbley like... Umm let me check my wallet... And right away in my face, 'YOU HAVE NO CARD?! NO CARD!?' It comes off as hostile but I know he's excited about his punchcard program and just wants it to work.

Whatever. The dilly-o is the barbering business seems to have been sliding for the brothers. And they seem upset about it. Nervously standing outside smoking cigarettes or whatever. When I get my haircut I'm usually the only person in there. If I ask about business they seem frustrated with the lack of traffic coming through. So I've been thinking about helping them out somehow (like Seinfeld did with Babboo). And I think I can. Because I think I know what's slowing down the business. I'm not sure if this is 100% the case or not-- but I think the main problem is:

One of the brothers is smelly.

Now I'm not knocking smelly. I think I'm personally smelly right now. And I kind of like it. And my dog is always smelly. And he kind of likes it. But when you're working all up close barbering on someone- being smelly isn't so great. It's rough. And even if the smelly brother isn't the one cutting my hair- the place is sort of smelly due to his smelly smellnicity.

I've thought about trying to help these guys out by letting them know about the smelly in some anonymous way, but something about me sitting in my apartment writing a note like, 'One of you guys smells. Sort yourselves out and it might help business....' And sneaking out in the middle of the night to slip it under their door seems a bit much. I guess that would be nice. But it also seems like sort of meanish. And overly involving for me.

However I think it would really help because after this last haircut I personally kind of teeter tottered on the idea of not coming back ever again because of the smelly situation. And that would suck totally extra because I'm like two punches away from a free haircut!

ok bye!