Chinese Delivery Fiasco

So recently my favorite chinese restaurant up and disappeared. Poof. They were a block away and one day I showed up and the whole place was gone. Packed up. Done. Awning gone. Gate down. Gone. It felt like I was in the movies when the guy brings his friend back to show him the place from the night before where all the crazy stuff happened and the place is gone and he swears it was there. It was like that. Now it's a shady pharmacy with an ugly sign that says PHARMACY. Pharmacy is a dumb word.

Anyway, it was time to find a new chinese place. I went through my folder of menus to try out a new restaurant . There was one menu I'd never tried Hunan Wok Garden or something. I wasn't even sure where the restaurant was so I decided to have them deliver. I picked up the phone to order up some moo shu pork (2 pancakes) and dumplings. The woman who was taking the order asked me if I wanted my dumplings fried or steamed. Fried or steamed?.... Steamed or fried? Any time I get that question choice a mini-war goes off in my head-- wrestling and arguing over which one I should do. It's like the sophie's choice of chinese food. Fried or steamed answers alot about state of mind I think. Last night I ordered steamed...

While I was ordering I realized I had like no cash in the house. Maybe like $5 or something. I asked her if she took credit cards and she said no. So I asked her if I could pay with like $5 cash and the rest would be change. She said no problem...10 minutes. Fine. I hung up. I felt weird about handing some delivery guy like $7 in change. I think that's a dickmove. Especially when he rides a bike and all that. But whatever. Monay is monay I guess.

Anyway it usually takes less than 15 minutes to get anything delivery in the city. It's weird. Restaurants teleport delivery guys or something it seems. But this time round 15 minutes went by. Then 20. Then 25 minutes! No food! WTF? I picked up the phone and called the place. I said, 'Hey, I'm the guy who ordered the moo shu and dumplings... ' She interrupted and said, 'Yah. It's ready to go now...' I was like ok cool and hung up.

Another 15 minutes go by! No food! Again I pick up the phone now totally pissed off! My new chinese restaurant totally dropped the ball! WTF!! I asked her where my order was and she told me it was sitting right there. I was like, 'Well, is it going to make it out the door tonight?' She was like, 'Yah when you come pick it up! We don't deliver!'

I flashbacked in my head and realized I never actually said 'for delivery' or gave her my address. Somehow the paying with change thing and them being new just took me offtrack in the ordering process and I spaced on it. So that sucked. I would have to schlep to get the food afterall.

Anyway, the search for a new good chinese restaurant continues. The fact that they don't deliver was weird and I don't dig that not being an option, plus the food from Hunan Wok Garden wasn't so good. Sort of had that 'garbage outside the chinese restaurant smell' if you know what I'm saying. But I ate it anyway. And wish I ordered the dumplings fried.

ok bye!