Goofy Jogging Couple

So the other day I was walking down the street and these two people jogged by me. I think they were a couple. They were wearing a identical light blue tshirts and black jogging shorts. Dressed exactly the same. I didn't get a look at their sneakers to see if they matched as well. But they were jogging side by side and totally in step. Both had similar expressions on their faces.

I'm going to assume these two were husband and wife. Going with that assumption it made me wonder about what went down before they left the house. What was the discussion regarding dressing the same? Who's idea was it? Who picked out what to wear? Did they decide the night before? Was this their 'Monday' outfit? Did they agree on what to wear or did they argue about it? Did someone want the red shirts? Was it just an accident and they said screw it? Or did one person secretly not want to wear the same thing at all but are sacrificing their individuality for the importance of the others intense duality? (Duality is probably the fanciest word I've used here! Look at me writing with big words! People who use big words all the time probably are rolling their eyes at the idea that duality is a "big word".)

Anyway, I just don't see what comes over people (adults) when they want to dress the same. Granted if you're at Disney World and you both decide to wear Goofy sweatshirts (both capital G and/or lowercase) Fine. (sorta) But to go out jogging the neighborhood dressed identical strikes me as a bit strange. Do they do it all the time or were they just being goofy? (only lowercase there.) Maybe maybe they were just running back from some sort of charity run?

I guess it they could be seen as a cute couple (especially by other couples who dress the same). Maybe they've sunk so far into love that they just want to become one and are doing the best they can. Or they're just having fun. And don't care what other people thing about their version of fun. Who am I to judge fun? Maybe I'm a stupid jerk.

I just hope there's a good reason behind it and they're both onboard. Because it bugs me to think that one of the two is embarrassed to be running around dressed the same... and can't say no because they simply don't wear the pants in the relationship.

ok bye!