New Life Form?

So today I was doing some gardening. I have a windowbox of geraniums out on my fire escape. I learned that you need to like pinch geraniums to make them grow flowers so once in a while I climb out on the fire escape and pinch them. Sometimes I'll bring a beer with me and drink beer and pinch the geraniums. I also have a small empty clay pot sitting out there for some reason. There's never been plants in it. It just sits out there. So anyway the empty pot filled with water from the rain the last couple of weeks and it's turned a bit swampy. I've been holding off on dumping out out because I can't dump the swamp water down on my neighbors deck (they have a deck below me. I'm totally jealous) and I'm afraid if I try to bring it in my apartment that I'll trip climbing back in the window and spill swamp water all over my apartment which would suck.

Anyway, I'm looking at the water sort of spacing out and I start to see things like moving in there. I thought it was just me imagining stuff. But I look a little closer and I see a whole little world is going on in there. I tap the side of the pot and I see tons of little black tadpoley things swimming around in there. They're like as big as eyelashes but thicker. At first I'm like, "Ew! Gross! Weird sea monkey scary tadpole things totally alive in there! Ew!" I'm just staring at them and then I start to wonder how they got there. How did they get started in there? I'm on the top floor so no one dumped tadpoley things down on my fire escape. And the pot was empty so if there was no freeze dried weirdness that got activated by the water or something. Did they blow in there by the wind? Are they raindrop riders? What the hell are they? How'd they get in there? And what have they been eating? Are they going to grow? Ew!

I was gonna dump them out because I was a little grossed out but then I felt that they might be a new life form. Or maybe aliens or something. But what am I supposed to do with that? Call the EPA? And tell them about my tadpole things? Or like call a nerdy friend over to look at them under a microscope or something? And if they are a new life form can I sell them and make money? Can they be named after me. Todpoles or something?

It's just a frickin weird scene going on outside in my fire escape. Ew! and Cool!

ok bye!


***Thanks to everyone who wrote in telling me that I got mosquitoes not new Todpoles. Oh well. I feel silly. I didn't know. Anywya, no new life form for me. No West Nile neither. I dumped em out and cleaned the pot. Weird that they go from swimming to flying to sucking blood. 

Here's a mosquito song that was a daily fact song a while ago.***