F**k Off, Quicktime!

Hey! Quicktime! I get it! You made your point! You like being active on my computer all the time! You really enjoy being in startup and loitering around all day in my system tray! But what do you do when you do nothing most of the time? Just sit around smoking virtual cigarettes and taking up memory. Hoping that I'll click on some random .mov so you can play the video of the dog humping the pokemon doll- then go back in the tray and snore until maybe a few days later when I'll poke on some movie preview to wake you up again?

The thing about it is Quicktime you do occasionally come in handy. But I don't need you here constantly. You're like the houseguest that stays extra days and is always in my fridge. I'm not concerned with your frequent 'updates'. Are you really that different after? Nor your dumb newsletters. Does anyone read them? I've tried to put it to you gently, Quicktime. I've tried removing you from startup in various ways in the hopes that you will take a hint and only come around when needed. But you're clueless. You keep coming back. I even went to the Registry to direct you elsewhere but somehow you always manage to wander back into startup a few days later. Drunk, smelling of urine and being like, 'What up, maaaan....'

At this point you're being rude. Ruder than any other program. Aren't you Apple? The crunchy brand? Even Real (which tries to scam you into installing stuff you don't need or want by putting stuff checked below the fold. dicks.) but at least they're sneakily upfront with it and punish you for going too fast through Next next next on install. But you, Quicktime. You're a real bastard. Do you really think one day I'm going to choose you to be my main player? When you freeze up and act clunky all the time? Why do you insist on being such a presence in my system tray? Isn't there something else you can be doing besides annoying leaning next to my clock... and flicking butts in the gutter?

I've tried to put it nicely, Quicktime. In 10 different ways I've tried to get you to shove you off. But I can't be nice about it anymore....

It's time for you to F*** OFF!

ok bye!



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