Flip Flopping in the Rain

So last night I went out to the movies (Serenity. I'll write a review for it later on.) and it was seriously pouring rain outside. I put on my new sneakers and got my big umbrella and got ready to head out the door. I kind of felt weird about wearing my new sneakers out in the downpour but whatever. What was I supposed to do? I don't own 'galoshes' or whatever. Wearing my waterproof boots didn't make sense either because it was too warm out. And then I might have dry feet rain-wise but wet feet sweat-wise. Then I thought about it and was like, 'Why am I wearing my sneakers? I'm gonna splash through puddles for eight blocks and then sit with wet sneaker feet in the movies? Gross! Why not wear my flipflops?'

I know it seems weird to go out in the rain with basically barefeet but it makes sense! I get to sit through the movie with feet that will dry off fast instead of sitting in mushy wetshoes! Which seems more healthy? And I don't have to be all crazy about skipping over puddles on the way there! If I hit one its not a big deal! Yeah you could say then my feet are all exposed to the gross elements of the street. But so what? If I step in a puddle with my sneakers on is it grosser to have a puddle sneaker swamp-- or feet that will just wash off by continuing walking?

Maybe this is a well known thing and I'm just late to a game. But I say, if it's warm outside and pouring rain! Don't wear shoes! Wear yer flipflops! That's what I say! Free feets! Feet feel free! Freet fleets floots!

ok bye!