Shepard Dream, Selfish Girl

So last night I had this weird dream.

I was sitting on a bus reading the NY Post sitting directly across from Shepard Smith of Fox News.

(Yes, I was disturbed that this tool somehow made it into my head...)

Anyway, I wasn't friends with Shepard Smith or whatever. He was just sitting across from me face to face on the bus. For whatever reason my job in the dream was doing something working with asian art- like with a museum or something. I got a call from the museum on my cellphone and put the Post on my lap to take the call.

Shepard Smith mumbled something and took the Post off my lap without asking.

I looked at him like, 'WTF!' and snatched it back.
He was like, 'What?'
I was like, 'If you wanna read my paper you can at least ask me first!'
He was like, 'I did ask!'
I was like 'No you didn't!'
He's said, 'I said... yo...(mumble mumble)'
And I was like, 'That's not asking.'
He was like, 'Sorry! Jeez!' And went to take the paper again.
I like held it back and was like, 'Ask!'
And he was like, 'What's your problem?!'
I was like, 'What's yours?!'

That's when in real life some drunk girl down on the street woke me up literally screaming "I AM NOT SELFISH! DON'T CALL ME F**KIN SELFISH!" Top volume. 11. She was yelling at some dude or something. I looked over the clock and it was 4:15AM. I couldn't believe how loud she was. Screaming murderloud screams about hows she's not selfish. 'I'M NOT SELFISH DAMN IT! I never really heard the guy say anything back and the girl eventually turned the corner and her selfish screams faded into the night.

How much was she proving her claim wrong by screaming her friggin stupid head off about not being selfish... in a quiet neighborhood.... at 4AM? Uch! Drunk girl!

And not sure what the shepard dream was about... but the combo of the two left me bugeyed awake and wondering for at least an hour.

ok bye!