Announcement Type Thing

So anyway, check this out:

Comedy Central called me up a little while ago (I was wondering if they were finally coming after me for the stuff I 'borrowed' when I left their offices) asking if I'd be interested in doing some cartoons for their new broadband channel thing (launching Oct 27th). At first I had some twisty feelings (see past here)- but we started talking bout stuff and they were very cool and said I could basically do whatever I want. And for some toonages they'd pay me some monay! Which I need for stuff in general. Because right now I have none. Going underwater in debt the whole deal blah blah. So I agreed to do a bunch of online toons for them! Umm...errr... weekly! Going into December. Gulp. Yah! How bout that? Weird! Coolio! Different! What? Fun!

My website will of course keep going with everything updates as per normal as per usual. Games and goodies still in the works. And this one series of toons will be hosted on the comedy central site. It's a totally ok dealio because this new thang will help me keep going as I go! And keep food in Roscoe's bowl. And make me less lazy (hopefully.) And let me sit right here in front of my computer doing everything I like to do-- keeping my site (my favorite place) going and going... and growing.

I'll link up all toons from my homepage when they're up. Done and done!

First toon goes up on October 27th! Boo!

ok bye!