Yelly Umbrella Jerk

So last night I grabbed a quick dinner at the diner with a friend of mine who totally got on my nerves for a variety of reasons (good ones). When someone gets on my nerves I kind of go off. Mental like. Not in a serious way but I start yelling about every little thing. I like yelling sometimes. Venting about little things sort of for fun and it feels good to vent. Especially at things that don't qualify for a yell.

Anyway we leave the diner and it's pouring rain again! (because something has apparently gone wrong with the planet. at least temporarily locally.) I put up my little umbrella and my friend is like, "Let me get under that with you..." He didn't bring an umbrella. So the two of us are under the umbrella but I'm not really totally paying attention to keeping him under it and dry like I would with a chick... or with Roscoe. And he kept complaining that he was getting wet and that I should do the umbrella right. I was mid-yelly mood so I blewup at him joke yelling,

"What the hell is wrong with you!?! Where's your f**kin umbrella!!? Don't YOU listen to the frickin weather report before you go out!!?!"

I was really just joking. What I didn't notice is that we were walking right by the subway stop and this girl with no umbrella came out of the subway right in front of us. The first thing she heard as she stepped into the pouring rain was my yelly rant. She looked back at me with a look that said, 'I'm not sure...but you might be the biggest f**kin a-hole on the planet...'

My mouth dropped open. I couldn't gather words to explain I wasn't yelling at her and why I was yelling. So I just said, 'Oops...' She thought I was like the crazy irate rain police or something. Then she sped up ahead of us-- racing to get out of the rain... and away from the two a-hole shmucks huddled together under a teeny umbrella.

So sorry rain girl! I'm really not a jerk.... (I mean I might be going around all yelly like that. But I'm not a jerk for the reason she rightfully thought I must be.)

ok bye!