Hearing Electronics

I have a weird disorder I think.

I can't stand the sound of electronics. The humming. I don't like it. My cable box. My external hard drive. My VCR. A muted TV. My computer. I hear them when they're on and I don't like it. Granted I'm used to my computer humm but I usually can't sleep when my computer is on. Even when its in the other room. Because I hear the hum from my bed. I can't really sleep well on my couch anymore because my cable box thing is all loud. I have to unplug it (even when it's powered off it still humms) I have to shut off my USB external hard drive while I sit at my computer because it's blaringly loud.

I don't notice it right away. But they seem to get louder if I sit here in some quiet. And all of a sudden it will dawn on my that something is on and I'll lunge to shut it off. Then it feels like real silence. Ahhh. If I'm in bed and I hear something whirring there's no way I can sleep without shutting it off. Eventually it'll seem to grow as loud as a vacuum cleaner. 

Granted I'm not all mental wearing like those big headphones that block out sound. But I think all electronics are way loud in a very quiet way. My VCR is super loud. I can't leave that on without going crazy.... umm... crazier. Granted I know this is all sounding a little mental. And it's a side-effect of modern stuff and having stuff and stuff. But I just don't like the sound of them. I don't mind them when they're off. They're fine when they're off....

for now.

ok bye!