How Long is Stuff Good For Anyway?

So last night I was looking in my fridge and I realized I just don't know how long things in there are good for. I saw eggs. How long are they good for? 2 weeks? A month? I dunno. An open can of tomato sauce? How long is that good for? 10 days? 9? 17? How do you know? I dunno. And the pot of leftover spaghetti that's three days old. What about that? Is that still good? Hey! There's a bag of baby carrots. They look ok. But they're like 10 days old. Are they still ok? They're still sort of crunchy.. but maybe not crunchy enough? How bout sliced turkey? A week? 10 days? And how old was the turkey when I bought it in the first place? Shouldn't that factor in? I dunno. Is it all judged by smell? I don't think I smell that well.

Nowadays that 'how long is stuff good for' thing is getting harder to answer too. There's like the mystery milk that lasts forever. Somehow apples seem to make it a couple weeks. Maybe three? How old were they when they got to the store? Can an apple be a month old? That doesn't seem right. But are they good? What's on them? I guess I should go by tasting stuff to decide but I don't trust myself so much in that regard. If I eat chinese food that's four days old it might be fine. But is it bad? How bad does it need to smell because it usually smells off after one day a little.

Is ketchup and mustard good forever and ever and ever? How bout jam and peanut butter? If its a year old is it still ok? How bout two? Seems like they shouldn't be able to go the distance that way. What about oreos?

The only thing I can definitely tell when it goes bad is bread (and bananas). Like if I take out the bread and there's mold on it I know something is wrong! It's gone bad. Blue! And I throw the whole thing away. But some people don't throw the whole thing away. If mold grows on bread or cheese they just throw the moldy part away and eat the rest. Is that right? I dunno!

Where's the rules! Post here if you wanna!

ok bye!