Halloween Pics!

So last night I went to the Halloween Parade here in Brooklyn. (The one in Manhattan just gets wayyy friggin crowded now).

It was kinda cool. Sorta totally disorganized where you couldn't tell who was in the parade and who was just walking down the street. There were no barricades and stuff. Some people were walking against the flow of the parade. Sorta all around weirdness. But I took a buncha pics.

Here they be!

The hodgepode parade begins!

CD Head. This guy sort of scared me. He wouldn't talk. Just stood there when I asked to take his picture. Then he walked away.

Headless horseman.Would be scarier of the horse was headless too. But whatever. I guess it would be tough to ride a headless horse.

This kid just walked up to me when he saw I was taking pictures. So I clicked him and he walked away.

Good thing he had that sign up. I woulda guessed him to be a wolfman.

True. And anus.

Gate dork.

This kid was getting kisses for .50 cents. But mainly from mom's and homeless dudes. Not sure if it worked out the way he planned.

Co-captain America.

Working up a major league fart.

You just can't be the King and Queen legitimately when you're walking past a sign that says 'Chuck Steaks $1.99'


After the parade the group of people I was with dropped into the Two Boots pizza.

These two looked like they were on a first date that involved some miscommunication.

Quick Chick Poll!

Oz Poll
Who would sleep with if you had to pick one?

Tin Man
Cowardly Lion

This Devo type band set up in the pizza place and rocked out.

People seemed to dig em.

Bunny butt!

Wonder butt!

Weirdo pink hair girl with extra hands!

Friends table dancing to the devo band.

Can't be too tough with the purple outfit and the littleness but this dude pulled it off!

That's it!

ok bye!