Four Year Anniversary and FAQs

So today is the four-year anniversary of this website! (INSERT HORN TOOT)

I just want to say thank you to everyone for hanging around here (interrupt with 2nd HORN toot followed by me glancing over at it annoyed) all this time through the highs and lows of stuff and stuff. I kind of can't believe it's been four years since I put that first cartoon up and people started stopping by. And I hope you know I do my bestest everyday to keep things chugging and good vibes flowing along pouring up out from under.  Thanks for emails and letters and all that stuff too. (interrupt with yet another HORN toot followed by me telling it 'enough already with the stupid horn toots!') And for supporting the site and stuff.

This place is like a (interrupt with another blasty HORN toot right in my ear followed by me grabbing the horn and throwing it across the room and roscoe goes and chews on it making quiet cute horn sounds now and then) second home for me. I'm proud of the site and it makes me happy. The people here seem nice. And 10 years from now I'll hopefully be dressing Roscoe in some dorked-out astronaut outfit for y'all on the new improved Roscoe-HoloCam! I'm big on tradition.

Anyway, enough with the mushy girlieman blah blah (I meant it tho). A bunch of questions have come in about recent stuff so I'll try to answer some here instead of typing out a bunch of emails and stuff.

Here we go:

What is the friggin dealio with the Comedy Central thing?

The Comedy Central Motherload thing is coolio and really came thru at just the right time. Because I kinda wasn't making a living going the way I was going (was sort of doing the opposite) and needed to figure out a way to keep everything going normalish without getting too distracted from this place which would have made me sad. All Comedy Central said is, do some toons and we'll host em over here and give you some monay. Just don't say the F word or use unlicensed music. Other than that it's up to me whatever I wanna do. Which is sort of an ideal dealio as dealios go. Plus I don't have broadband costs. But I know it was a clunky start. It will get smoother.

Why can't I find your cartoons on their site?

Well the initial design over there is goobery-- so it's not you. But if you go to and click on anything that says Motherload. Then when you get to that page you'll see a sign that says 'Enter Here'. Once in there click the 'Originals' tab. It's in there. And they'll work on fixing the slightly washed-out grainy look of the toons and all that. Kinda coolio to see em full screen tho!

Why can't I see the Motherload toons on my Mac?

I just found out about this today. Apparently it's scarily pc friendly over there. Some mac users can see the toons. Some can't. It friggin totally upset and pissed me off to say the least when I found out. (Elf Up is on Mac fyi) Serious apologies to mac users. (Insert dickish remark about typical dopey corporate decisions that make no sense.) I'm checking into this and seeing what I can do. I didn't think that was a question I actually needed to ask in 2005! I've considering switching to mac too and might do so on principle now.

How come it doesn't load when I click on it?

It is brand new and I think it may be buggy for a while. But I know there's alot of talented hard working nerds over there doing their best to make things nice nice. We'll all have to be a bit patient till they knock the bugs out and mush em.

Does that mean I won't do toons for this site anymore?

I will. This one batch of toons for Motherload will run weekly through the end of this year. Most of em will be around 2 minutes or so. So they'll be shorter than per usual. Not sure what they'll be about because I haven't thunk em up really yet. After I finish the batch then I'll happily go back to lazing around the site doing toons and new tmcs's or whatever or whatever here. And I'll have some breathing room dollarwise which will be a nice change.

Why don't you just sell DVDs of your cartoons or something?

The music in the cartoons on my site are ummm...  "pre-licensed". And I really would rather not rock the boat by making monay off stuff I don't have rights to because then the big lawyers come and pull my pants down and make me sit in front of the RoscoeCam while I eat oatmeal... or something.

What's is the deal with RoscoeCam?

Well the idea was that I'd keep a camera on Roscoe whenever he's around. But it's sort of hard to maintain because he does wander around alot and I have to keep adjusting the camera. It's been freaking me out a little too because this morning I was walking around here naked and I looked down at the camera pointed right at me and was like, 'Holy fruck! Is that thing on?' It's been making me a little paranoid and I'm not exactly on the ball to remember when its on or not. So I'm gonna try to schedule Roscoe time. And I'll let you know when it's up and running or will be. Yes, you'll see Roscoe sleeping alot but that's really the easiest time to manage the cam situation and I turn it on mainly during his naptime.

What kind of dog is Roscoe?

He's a Roscoe.

What's up with the games?

MepWars and the others are still all in development and behind schedule of course. Mainly my fault because I gotta work up the pieces and do some more hand in hand stuff with stuff. But they'll get totally done when they be totally done! But it'll be a while. Sorry for the delay. I'm also gonna start soon something new with!

Do you take advertising on your site?

I don't really. I've always tried to just stay away from it. I like the site as is and I don't like banners and popups and I don't like being responsible for recommending stuff I don't know anything about. That's why I just do Officials (still the best deal on the internet!)

Do you still want unsigned bands to send music in?

Yes. I do need music for the toons so if you have a cd send it in and please include a note letting me know. I can't pay much for them. But I'll credit to the band at the end of any toon that uses it. PO Box 187 NYC 10014

Is it really just me sitting here or is there a whole bunch of people working on the site?

It's really just me. Friends do help me out with site stuff and toon stuff sometimes (you'll see them thanked here and there or in credits). But I am typing this. I'm not sitting naked in a lounge chair with a bowl of oatmeal yelling this at some intern from the other room.

Anyway, that's all I can think of right now. Thanks again for being here. And digging this place if you do. I hope it can be here for you always when you need it most as it is for me viceversay. I know it's a weirdy temporary half-transitional phase around these parts. I know change is offputting sometimes. It is for me totally too. But stay tuned. It'll be fun and weird and interesting and stupid...And above all.... envigoriatizaing!

And I'll always do my best...

Good vibes to y'all!

ok bye!



PS. Yes I have been slacking on kittens big time. Will do it up soon.