Toasted Bagel Mystery

So this morning I went walking to dog park and I stopped in some deli type place to order up a bagel. Sesame lightly toasted with butter. I order it with the deli guy behind the counter and pour myself a self-serve coffee in a plastic cup and go up to the register. I tell the cashier guy what I'm getting. This large coffee and a bagel with butter.

The cashier said, 'Toasted?'

I thought about it for a second and I was like, 'Wait... Do these guys charge for the toasting?' (I'm used to ripoffs like iced coffee) But toasting??

So I said to the guy, 'Is there a difference?'

He sort of got snippy and was like, 'One goes in the toaster....'

(And I'm like, 'Holy moly! This guy being a total wise-ass to me! WTF?')

I'm like, 'I realize that-- but is there a difference in price? Do you charge for toasting...'

He was like, 'No same price.'

So then I'm thinking, 'Why does this guy care then? He's the frickin cashier! All he's waiting for is the deli guy to bring over the bagel when its done and he puts it in a bag! What possible reason could he care if it's toasted or not if its the same price? And why is he being rude! What is he trying to judge my character based on the toasting? Keeping a list of bagel preferences? WTF!'

I say, 'Lightly toasted.'

He says, 'Lightly toasted.' And finishes ringing it up.

He hands me the bag and I give him a squinty look for a second.  He gives me a look back.

I was about to say something... then I just didn't. I knew I was never gonna go back there. And sometimes you just gotta let stuff go for the hell of it...

ok bye!