Absent Minded Weekend

Couple things happened that were dumb forgetters this weekend. Here they be:

Firstly, I was naked on the internet on Saturday night! Did you miss it? Around 11PM last night and I got ready to take a shower. I got myself good and naked and did a couple things. Got a fresh towel out. Threw clothes in the hamper in the closet. Walked around. I was naked in my middle room when I looked down at the RoscoeCam and saw it pointed right at me. I ran to the computer and clicked on the RoscoeCam and saw a picture of ME! Naked! On the interweb! Totally wang everything! In the chat room someone wrote, 'Todd! Don't show your dork again!' Uch! Someone saw me! All nude! Probably a minute or so of on camera nakedness! I really gotta be more careful with that thing. So that's one absent minded thing.

Secondly, this morning I woke up and felt like I had something to do that I was forgetting. It felt like a 'I have something to do, don't I?' Kind of day. But I couldn't remember what it was. I took Roscoe to dog park and spaced out watching him run around like a big dork. Then all of a sudden I realized what it was. The Marathon! I was supposed to be running in the NYC Marathon today! Uch! I had been training for months! I ran back to my apartment and threw on my running shoes and slapped on my number and set out for a late start to run the 26 miles and I... wait...I.. umm... ok forget it. That's super not true. Run in the marathon? Me? C'mon...

Actually I was supposed to go to a Marathon Party this morning. 9AM. A friend of mine in Brooklyn lives on a street the marathon passes by and he has bagels and beer and people and stuff every year. I got back to my place around noon and called him up. He basically called me a dumb jerk and hung up. The marathon had long passed by. Even the 2nd round stragglers had long gone. (Brooklyn is an early pass through) I was totally upset!  I couldn't believe I forgot it. It makes me feel like I have too much aluminum in my blood or something. All the way up till I went to sleep I knew that it was marathon day Sunday. But this morning it was gone out of my head. Where'd it go? I dunno...

Anyway, I refused to miss the marathon. So I jumped on the subway by myself and headed into manhattan to catch some marathon. I brought my camera and took some pics. (The battery died after like 15 minutes which was annoying cause I didn't get lots of pics. But I got some! Here they be!

But first Roscoe dorking out a dog park!

And the Torture House Chinese Restaurant! (if you squint at it)

And the mysterious wire hanger tree!

Ok now Marathon Pics!

Bird watcher watching.

Didn't ask. Couldn't tell.

The leprechaun ladies out for a stroll.

Was totally a nice day for a big giant 26 mile run. I thought the trees looked nice too.

I was at mile 25 clicking pictures.

This guy was part of a New Orleans team. The cheers followed them the whole way like a wave.

Red shirt dude. Practicing breaking the tape.

You can't see it but that shirtless dude had like tape over his nipples. I saw alot of guys run by with nipples bleeding thru their shirts. Who knew? Gross.

That dude had a shirt that said 'Old Fart'. People had fun yelling stuff like, 'Looking good, ya Old Fart!'

Jester man cranking out the last mile. Joke time was over apparently. He was all serious.

Japanese woman doing the kimono thang. Dude looking at me like, 'Why you taking my picture, man...?' I'm like it's not you, bucko. It's Kimono woman I'm after!

Yellow shirt grooving on a psycho runners high.

This guy is running 26 miles... but I didn't even train hard enough to get out of bed to drink beer and watch it on time.

The spectator smile. A mix of pride and jealousy.

My camera started beeping at me at this point declaring its soon to be konkness.

Two pics left! This band called Future 86 playing 'Vertigo' for the runners. Here's their website. They kinda rocked.

The last pic before the camera called it quits. Coolio command post! I bet it smells like stale coffee in there.

And that's it!

ok bye!